Center for Snow and Avalanche Studies

Swamp Angel Study Site
Swamp Angel Study Plot (subalpine)

Senator Beck Study Site
Senator Beck Study Plot (alpine)

Putney Study Site
Putney Study Plot (summit)

Senator Beck Basin Stream Gauge
Basin Stream Gauge

St Paul Basestation
St. Paul RF Base Station

The Center for Snow & Avalanche Studies serves the mountain science community and regional resource managers by hosting & conducting interdisciplinary research and conducting integrative 24/7/365 monitoring that captures weather, snowpack, radiation, soils, plant community and hydrologic signals of regional climate trends.

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Friends of CSAS: Supporting Operations & Monitoring

PO Box 190
Silverton, CO 81433
(970) 387-5080

The Center for Snow and Avalanche Studies is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization accepting charitable contributions from our friends and supporters. We are registered with the State of Colorado under the Charitable Solicitations Act. We invite you to view our current Certificate of Good Standing.

Please join us in giving a HUGE THANKS the following Friends of CSAS! Fiscal Year 2015:

Mike Schneider – Winter Park, CO
Ed & Betsy Marston – Paonia, CO
Marc Yeston – Crested Butte, CO
Halsted Morris – Golden, CO
Janet Kellam – Ketchum, ID
Don Sharaf – Victor, ID
Tony Daranyi – Norwood, CO
Ted Scroggin & Barbara Jefferis – Evanston, WY
Clyde Jones – Denver, CO
Don Bachman – Bozeman, MT
Everett and Margie Lyons – Silverton, CO
Sara Simonson – Fort Collins, CO (in kind)
San Juan Accounting, Parker McAbery – Ridgway, CO (in kind)
Andrew Breibart – Gunnison, CO
American Institute for Avalanche Research & Education (AIARE)
Bill Glude – Juneau, AK
Kim Morton & Skippie Zeller – Durango, CO
Lance Waring – Telluride, CO
Ian McCammon – Snowpit Technologies – Salt Lake City, UT
Doug Chabot – Bozeman, MT
The Morris Family – Silverton, CO
• - Carbondale, CO
Public Lands Partnership - Montrose, CO
Mountain Challenge Series - Silverton, CO

Fiscal Year 2014:
Lee Dexter - Sedona, AZ
Chris and Donna George - Durango, CO
Art Mears - Gunnison, CO
John Poole - Silverton, CO
Russell Johnson - Truckee, CA
Charlotte Fox - Telluride, CO
David Lovejoy - Prescott, AZ
William Gardner - Boulder, CO
Venture Snowboards - Silverton, CO
Tony Stroh - Boulder, CO
Tony Daranyi - Norwood, CO
Janet Kellam - Ketchum, ID
Snow Science Services - Telluride, CO
Wilbur Engineering - Durango, CO
Chuck Hall - Kailua, HI
Ted Steiner - Whitefish, MT
Michael Schneider - Fraser, CO
Don Bachman - Bozeman, MT
Michael Friedman, Peregrine Pictures - Telluride, CO
Olivia Emery and Michael Hassig - Carbondale, CO
Doug Chabot - Bozeman, MT
Denny Hogan - Truckee, CA
Felix Meier - Eglisau, Switzerland
Scott Toepfer - Breckenridge, CO
Matthew Hepp, Alpine Edge Engineering - Ridgway, CO
Doug Krause - Silverton, CO
David Ream - Salt Lake City, UT
Clyde Jones - Denver, CO
Lee & Melissa Bowers - Marble, CO
Charlie & Paulette Schmalz - Silverton, CO
Joe Horwat - Boulder, CO
Brett Marraccini - Boulder, CO
Jon Major - Vancouver, WA
Jessie Creamean - Boulder, CO
Phillip Supino - Crested Butte, CO
Jaren Jacobsen - Durango, CO
Deanne Carlson - Durango, CO
Stewart Senter - Ouray, CO
Bobbi McClead - Buena Vista, CO
Tom Mulligan - Durango, CO
Tim Sundgren - Salida, CO
Nate Gimple - Highlands Ranch, CO
Rio de la Vista - San Luis Valley, CO
Joseph and Michelle Young - Montrose, CO
Ann Mellick - Ridgway, CO
McKenzie Skiles - Los Angeles, CA
Russell Johnson - Truckee, California
2nd Avenue Sports
Montanya Distillers
Silverton Mountain
Backcountry Experience
Teller House Hotel
Venture Snowboards
Pine Needle Mountaineering
San Juan Accounting, Parker McAbery - Ridgway, CO
Bill Glude - Juneau, Alaska
American Institute for Avalanche Research & Education (AIARE)
Barbara Jefferis and Ted Scroggin - Evanston, WY
Colorado Water Congress (in-kind)
Everett and Margie Lyons - Silverton, CO
Don Bachman - Bozeman, MT
Chris Wilbur, Wilbur Engineering - Durango, CO
Halsted Morris - Golden, CO
Chris George, St. Paul Ski Lodge - Durango, CO
Felix Meier - Eglisau, Switzerland
Fay Johnson - Bozeman, MT


• = contributed up to $249
• = contributed $250-$999   
• = contributed $1000 or more