Senator Beck Basin Study Area Special Use Permit Approved

Initial Study Site Development Complete


Contractor Ted Brooks finishes troweling the broad-crested-weir stream gauging structure installed at the hydrologic "pour point' of the Senator Beck Basin in a small gorge cutting through bedrock.


Ted admiring his work as he closes the weir bypass for the first time a few days after it was poured, and just the day after the first snowfall of the 2003/2004 season.


Jerry Roberts and Denny Hogan hauling mast components to the Senator Beck Study Plot on a beautiful Indian Summer day in the San Juans.


Michael Barton, Chris Landry's right hand man throughout the project.


Michael Barton and Michael Barney hauling in two of the 100 60-lb bags of concrete required from the broad-crested weir and Swamp Angel Study Plot installations.
Chris landry and Denny Hogan hauling more 10 meter tower sections to the Senator Beck Study Plot.
Chris Landry drilling 1" holes in the exposed bedrock at SBSP for 1" mounting bolts for the 10 meter tower.
Raising the SBSP 10 meter tower with a gin pole and a rope winch.
The SBSP site in operations on November 23, 2003 (photo Ryland Gardner)
Ted Brooks and Michael Barton mixing the 95th bag of concrete at the Swamp Angel Study Plot, by headlamp, near the end of a very long day.
Pouring the Swamp Angel precipitation gauge base.
Michael Barton hanging instruments on the Swamp Angel Study Plot mast, with Red Mountain #3 in the distance.
The season's first snowfall arrived the morning after programming and switching on the Swamp Angel Study Plot instrument system, by headlamp!


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